Experienced & Professional Personal Trainers

Masters Personal Training is here to provide you with the motivation, skills and guidance to maximise your fitness targets, reach your optimum health goals and help promote an energetic, enjoyable and productive lifestyle.

If you’re wanting the very best personal training services in Blackburn, Accrington and the Ribble Valley, whether you are looking to lose weight or improve your fitness, we can personally tailor a plan to your specific needs. From the first meeting with your personal trainer, your good intentions will transform into satisfying and permanent gains to your health, well-being and fitness.

Our 12 week weight loss programme will have you IN SHAPE in NO TIME at all.

Our own fitness studio allows us to provide tailor-made fitness programmes and access to state of the art gym facilities. We offer a friendly level of service with full screening and bespoke programmes, and we also have the MPT health studio in Ribchester, near Clitheroe.

After your initial consultation, we start by helping you achieve your personal health, fitness and well-being goals. This consultation is a simple meeting between you and your personal trainer, where you can have an informal chat about where you currently are and what you want to achieve.

They will also explain what you can expect from a session, the fees for each one, and the payment options available to you. This also gives you the opportunity to see what we have to offer at no risk to yourself; you don’t need to come in your training gear or bring any money. All we ask is that you come in for a chat and see what we can do for you.

No risk – No money – No worry

After having a talk with us, you decide what you want to do: you can move forward or walk away, hassle free.


a fitness class led by a fitness instructorGet Fit, Feel Great

If you want to lose weight, get fitter, be healthy or live a longer, healthier life then we can help. Don’t put if off for another day; make your first step to a healthier you TODAY!

And we’ll get you:

  • Looking great
  • Eating great
  • Sleeping great
  • and most importantly FEELING GREAT!!

If you’re suffering from a localised weakness in your body from a trauma (such as a car accident or injury) then we have the knowledge to get you back on your feet and fighting fit. Or may be you’ve put on a few too many pounds on recently and you’re struggling to get rid of that nasty wobble; we’ve worked with all shapes and sizes, so nothing shocks us and we’re happy to help you shed that weight.

To us you’re not just a number, you’re an individual who wants our help and advice, and we’re here to give you the guidance you need to get you where you want to be.

personal trainer working out with a clientOur services include:

If you want or need to improve your body, mind or energy then you’ve come to the right place.


Ready to chat to us? Click through to our contact page and either send us a message or give us a call; we’ll be happy to have a conversation about how we can improve your current fitness levels.