Group Exercise Sessions in East Lancashire

Workout and shed those pounds with like-minded people

If you’re an individual who dislikes going to the gym and have a busy schedule, but you would rather workout with like-minded people, then take a look at our fitness classes below.

We’re here to provide you with the motivation, skills and guidance to maximise your fitness targets, your optimum health, and to promote an energetic, enjoyable and productive lifestyle.

We run all of the classes from our fitness studio at Brockhall Village, so it’s an ideal location if you live near Blackburn, Accrington or in the Ribble Valley (minutes from the A59 at the turning for Northcote Manor).

All of our fitness classes are taken by fully qualified instructors.

Benefits of our Group Exercise Sessions

If you’re looking for help with fitness in the Ribble Valley and looking to lose weight then these fitness classes are for you – we don’t have any monthly payments or give you any hassle, you just show up and workout, get fit, have fun and achieve your goals.

But, if you want to lose weight then one of our personal trainers can help to tailor a diet and provide advice to help you achieve your own goals. And, if your diet is good and you just want to get fit then these classes will help get you there.

Each class is designed to work different parts of your body and in different ways, and all class content and music change on a regular basis so you won’t get bored.

Want to meet new friends, make connections, and network with like-minded individuals? Fitness classes in East Lancs don’t get any better than this. And, after a class you’re more than welcome to chill out with a relaxing drink and have a chat with friends.

Get a Great Deal on Fitness

We’re now offering a monthly fitness classes membership for £40 per month – and it’s unlimited!

That means you can pay a monthly fee and go to any fitness class you like throughout the month.

No extra fees, no forgetting your dosh and not being able to pay, and no restrictions.

What are you waiting for?

See Daniel at class and he’ll give you a form.

Some of the best group fitness classes

A Sample of Our Group Fitness Sessions

Belly Blast Abs Class

In this class we target much more than just the six pack muscles and focus on the total core muscles.

The abs are probably the more overworked but underused area that people train when they workout, focusing purely on the upper segment of the abdominal wall.

Training the Abs

Whilst training the core or abs, it is very important to establish the correct sequencing of which muscles you engage first. A brilliant way to learn this is pilates.

However, it is also very important that you also learn how to use your core to dynamically stabilize the spine, and by doing so you will use the core muscles and not just statically.

Think about it, how many times have you thrown out your back whilst you were laid down? probably not many, that’s because you were static.

Injury most often occurs whilst in a dynamic movement. So, you should train all of your body and with different movements if you want them to become strong.

Train ALL of your core, not just the bits you can see!

During our abs class, we not only aim to help you achieve a six pack (or trim stomach), but we also want you to strengthen your entire core so that you can also train the rest of your body as effectively as your abs.

(Your abs, as the core, help stabilise your body during other exercise movements, whether these are during your own fitness sessions at the gym or when one-to-one coaching with your personal trainer.)

Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

If your interspinales is weak and you don’t train it, then it will be the bit that gives up on you. And, you can’t see the interspinales as its a deep spinal muscle.

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Boot Camp

Military style fitness that isn’t so harsh

Lose weight, have fun and get fit with our fitness boot camp. It’s a military style fitness and circuit style class that will get you super fit in no time at all.

Depending on the weather, we take the class both indoor and outdoor so the class is always on – we don’t shy away because it’s raining, sleeting or snowing outside.

This fitness class uses a variety of exercises and equipment, from the power sled to the tug-of-war rope and the punch bag. so, we’ll get your body reaching new limits of physical fitness and health.

Love a Challenge?

If you like a challenge, then this is definitely the class for you. But, that doesn’t mean that this class is reserved for individuals who are already fit.

It’s a class for all levels and is fully adaptable, so if you’re super fit and want pushing then we can make it challenging for you.

However, if you’re super unfit then we’ll try to make it so you’re able to keep up with the rest of the class with our team of personal trainers.

If you’re interested in coming to one of our bootcamps, but you don’t live too close to us then why not have a look at our ultimate fitness bootcamps. They’re packed with motivating fitness and will leave you feeling both exhausted and happy afterwards.

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Box n’ Burn Fitness Class

A fast-pace boxing and conditioning class

Our Box n’ burn class is similar to body combat but it doesn’t have the difficult and dangerous combinations.

This class is a fantastic cardiovascular workout that incorporates weights and core exercises, and was inspired by the late 90s Tae Bo developed by martial artist Billy Blanks.

Box n’ Burn has been a popular fitness class for many years, using simple boxing and kicking combinations and light hand weights.

People find it very easy to pick up and will usually learn the main set of combinations in 2-3 classes. (This is when the real fun begins.)

Once you know the basics then you can punch and kick your way to that smooth sculpted body.

Once you know the basics then you can punch and kick your way to that smooth sculpted body.

Box n’ Burn will help you to get a whole body workout, from your hands to your toes and has the complete package that includes:

  • Vascular
  • Core
  • Resistance
  • Flexibility

If you’re up for the challenge and want a fitness class that makes you feel as though you’ve done well and have worked hard then Box n’ Burn is right for you.

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Circuit Training

A stationed structured class to give you a total workout

Circuit training is designed to give you a total, all over body workout in a short space of time.

The class combines resistance, core, abdominal, cardiovascular and flexibility work, which challenges your strength as well as your fitness. This class will improve your overall fitness, and will help develop you for both long and short term energy sports such as tennis or martial arts. Some people say that it can be likened to some of the exercises completed in a Crossfit Clitheroe workout.

This fitness class also substantially improves your metabolic rate, which helps your weight or fat loss as well as toning up your muscles.

Regular circuit training goers have found that their muscles tighten up after just a few sessions. And unlike some other classes where you need to keep up with other people to keep in step with everyone, circuit training differs in that if you burn yourself out too fast then you can always take a station break, to catch your breath and then just pick up at the next station.

It’s even good if you have:

  • No co-ordination
  • No fitness
  • No experience

You’re not required to have any of the above for this class; just come, have fun and meet new people to have a laugh with and get fit.

All classes are undertaken by fully qualified and highly experienced fitness instructors who have all trained in a variety of disciplines from strength conditioning, core stability, rehabilitation, boxing training/ coaching fitness testing, postural rehab, and postural assessment to name but a few.

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Total Toning Fitness Class

Our Version of Body Pump

Total toning is aimed at toning and sculpting your body to the shape and proportion you want and desire. Using conditioning type exercises and upbeat music, we’ll have you dropping the fat and shaping your muscles in no time at all.

The class is similar to the popular fitness class Body Pump (or Pump as it is commonly referred to).

However, the way body pump is taught in many clubs doesn’t require the instructor to be highly skilled to teach and therefore the results are poorly lacking.

Most individuals who come to this class, after going to other classes of a similar type, find a shocking difference in how their muscles feel after just a few sessions.

Well, it’s due to two reasons:

One – Technique: How much of the class does your instructor do?

If the answer is most of it then you should wonder how they can see if you’re doing it right when they’re concentrating on their own technique. In all of our classes our policy is that the client comes first.

When doing any of our Blackburn based fitness classes the less time we spend doing the class the better, it means we get to spend more time helping you do the exercises properly.

Two – Knowledge and Experience: If the instructor doesn’t know how to do a squat properly then how are they supposed to teach you? If you really want to see how to do a squat then click here to see Daniel on an instructional video.

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