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This blog was written a while ago when we were based at Brockhall Village. You might find some of the information contained to be out of date.

Looking for some fitness classes in the Blackburn/Ribble Valley area?

That’s where Masters Personal Training comes in! Look at the different

Box and Burn

Punch, hook and uppercut your way to the body you want. I won’t lie to you this is a hard class! Vascular, resistance, core and flexibility training, this class has it all in abundance. It is so popular that we’ve had to find extra time slots to do it.

Search box ‘n’ burn on You Tube to view our video or go to the website and follow the link.
Monday 8.30pm, Wednesday 7.30pm, Saturday 4pm

Boot Camp

Struggle to fit exercise in to your busy day?

How about before the day starts? Every Tuesday and Friday at 6am we run early morning boot camp. This class will wake you up and get you going ready for the day ahead.

This class must be booked in advance if you wish to attend.

Pump It Up/ Sculpt

Most people think that cardio is the only way to lose fat off your stomach. Think again. It’s the muscle that burns the fat and the more active your muscles are, the more fat you burn.

Think of your car – the bigger the engine the faster you burn the fuel. Squat, curl and press your way to a smooth sculpted body. No running, no jumping, no cardio – no problem, just a good old fashioned, conditioning work out.

Belly Buster

Weak! Is that how you would describe your abdominals? Then you really should join our belly buster class. If you suffer with a weak core of any type, then this class will soon have your abdominals stronger. Belly, sides, lower back and buns, we work it all in the low impact, highly effective, abdominal conditioning class.

Ski Fit

Going skiing or boarding this year? Then this class is for you. A balance, leg development and core stability class specifically designed with the sports of skiing and snowboarding in mind.
Designed to aid the beginner in building balance skills but also challenging enough to improve the seasoned skier.


Most people have a preconception of circuit training – an army style drill instructor making you run shuttles up and down. Our circuit training class is far from the mental image you’ve just come up with. Each circuit class is built on the premise to build various levels of strength, endurance and cardio vascular fitness using a variety of different pieces of equipment from steps to resistance bands.

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