Golf Performance & Development


You never know what’s around the corner.


One minute you’re flying high and the next? You’re crashing down.


And, one day you’re doing strength training and next you’re going for golf lessons!




Golf Performance

My biggest passion has always been to challenge myself and to learn as much as possible. Earlier this year, I completed the CHEK Golf Performance qualification.

Not an easy course to pass and very informative towards training Golfers of all standards. However, since I’m now looking at moving more into the pro field, I have to broaden my horizons further.

With that I’ve booked myself onto the Titleist Golf Lv 1 training course. TPI, as it’s also known, is a big thing among golfers both pro and amature.

I’m also now taking golf lessons too. I can’t very well be training golfers to be better in their swing and overall game if I don’t know how to play myself, now can I?


Stay tuned for further updates. I’m looking forward to future developments as an exercise coach for professional golfers.

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