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Weight/Fat Loss

We’ve been helping people to lose weight, get fitter and feel healthier for over 15 years. For the best results in weight loss you should follow some simple guidelines:

  1. The right diet
  2. The right exercise plan
  3. The right lifestyle

We work together to personalise these three things to help you achieve your goals.

Check out the section on metabolic typing for more information about diets.

Your exercise plan should be based on your body and not a generic one-size-fits-all training programme.

Everyone has a different way they run their day, but are you running it the best way for your body?

Muscle Shaping & Definition

Your body is unique and needs a personalised routine.

We use specialised assessments to prescribe exactly what exercises are going to be best for you and which aren’t.

It’s not all about lifting big, heavy weights!

There is a big misconception that you have to lift heavy to get good muscle tone

And, lots of women believe that by picking up a pair of dumbbells they will instantly gain Arnold Schwarzenegger size muscles. If only it was that easy!

Back Pain & Rehabilitation

We work with people who have pain in their:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Shoulder

Exercise is like a drug (Paul Chek). If you take the wrong drug then you’ll get the wrong high; if you do the wrong exercise then you’ll get the wrong result.

We teach you to do the right exercise for your body!

Get the body you deserve

Personal Fitness Training

Are you an athlete? Do you want to be?

Training for your sport is as essential as playing it.

So, it doesn’t matter is you’re a runner, golfer, skier or martial artist, you need to condition your body to handle your sport.

Remember: footballers don’t just play football, they train for it too.

Nutrition & Diet Advice

Do you need dietary advice? Do you want to be healthy and have plenty of energy? Then you need a diet that is specially designed for your metabolic type.

If you get flustered when people talk about protein, fats and carbs, and become totally lost when it comes to what you can eat when you’re out for lunch/dinner then we can help.

Golf Conditioning

Do you love to play golf?

Maybe you suffer with aches and pains after a good 18 holes, or even just 9. Playing golf puts the same amount of strain on the joints as a martial arts kick, which means you should train your body for it.

At any one time as much as 50% of pro-golfers are playing injured due to bad posture and a lack of base conditioning.

Let us help you improve your game, posture and overall health by taking you through our specialist golf conditioning service.

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